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User Oriented

Easy to run without prior experience.

  • Just 2 main screens to use:

one for data entry;
one for analyses.

  • Tips guide you through the program step by step.


Tables & graphs standardized so the format is easily understood.

  • Gives the statistics you need for decision making.
  • Without tons of esoteric numbers.
  • Tables and graphs ready to be copied into your report, article, or presentation.


Web based so can be run anywhere from any computer (PC, Mac, Linux).

  • Data can be entered directly or from a file at the computer or from the cloud.
  • Pay for what you use, not for a program that just sits on your computer.
  • Discounts for steady users.
  • Only web based for beta testing (so each user has the latest version)
  • Also download for computer in production copy


Evaluation projects actually impact organizations by

  • Running analyses "before their eyes"
  • Having them pose questions and see the answers immediately
  • Produces active dialogue with the leaders
  • And that changes the organization



  • Supervision of honors, master theses, and dissertations centers more on the questions to ask and the results found.
  • Teach more principles instead of having to "teach of program".
  • Same least squares model you already teach.
  • Easily analyze examples from your data sets in front of students so they learn how to think about what to analyze and how to interpret the results.
  • A full featured stats package that they can use throughout their careers.

    (Warning: an occasional student will find it fun.)